Sitting here again at 3pm

Hi, yes cant sleep again, the morning start so early for me nowadays, I only sleep a few hours a night and find it a great time to look through my websites, blogs and Features on Etsy which include my items.

 I also sell on other sites but sometimes find promoting on them hard, I have tried with Folksy but do not get the same result as I do on Etsy.

 It is pitch black here while I write, my fingers hurting as I do, I learned to type properly years ago, working hard to get my speeds up.  I find now since my hands have been bad that my speed has gone, as my hands dont always touch the keys I ask of them, sometimes they miss other times I cannot see what I have written.

Thats the problem with getting older, but my calm nature is beginning to show through more and more these days.  Perhaps my condition has brought that along more but I think that part of my condition has been a  good thing.  This time of the night I also remember all those who are lost to me, either moved on or have died but the memories and time we spent together is with me strong at this time of the day, perhaps the quite and seclusion of my room.

A pleasure all the same to think again and remember and smile again at the bygone times of fun and love.   I shall go and get on with some treasuries now and hope you enjoy them there really is some great gifts out there………….hugs nannycheryl


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